Your Chip is Saying Something... Are you Listening?

See, Control, Optimize

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Get to Grips with AI Chip Design

Maximize Throughput, Increase Speed, Optimize CPU Utilization

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Scale your Data Center with Confidence

Optimal Guard-Banding for Power Performance

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Reassurance at High Volume

Improve Product Evaluation and Deployment

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In-Chip Solutions for Enhanced Reliability

Minimize Performance Loss, Predictive Failure Enablement

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Key Applications For In Chip Monitoring…Thermal Sensing - By Richard McPartland Technical Marketing Manager

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In-Chip Monitoring, Management & Control

Optimize Performance

Data throughput, speed, CPU utilization

Save Power

Tight power management, save energy

Increase Reliability

Increase MTBF, failure prediction assistance, minimize service interruptions

Cut Cost

Extensive deliverables, trusted IP vendor, low risk/cost implementation

Monitoring, Analytics and Optimization solutions for Advanced Node Semiconductor Processes such as 5nm, 7nm, 12nm & 16nm

Working with chip development teams to enhance overall device efficiency and reliability to enable optimized core utilisation and increase power and throughput performance across a product range

Data Center

Scale your Data Center with confidence


Real intelligence from your device


Scale your Data Center with confidence


Overall optimization and reliability for high volume devices

Technology Overview

Performance optimization for enhanced design enablement

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Exhibiting Embedded In-Chip Monitoring Subsystem Solutions

What We Do

Increase device reliability with our in-chip sensing solutions

Supporting Your Area Of Expertise

Moortec provide application specific sensing fabrics and solutions

In-Chip Monitoring Subsystem Solutions on 40nm Down to 5nm

The Implementation of Embedded Monitoring Subsystems in Today’s Cutting Edge Technologies

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