In a video interview from his home in Hawaii, Gordon Moore shares his views on the future of technology including the future of his landmark prediction that has fueled the semiconductor industry since 1965.

At the time, Moore was working as the director of research and development at Fairchild Semiconductor and he was asked by Electronics Magazine to predict what was going to happen in the semiconductor components industry over the next ten years. Moore observed that the number of components (transistors, resistors, diodes or capacitors) in a dense integrated circuit had doubled approximately every year, and speculated that it would continue to do so for at least the next ten years.

This video was first shown at the recent annual Imec Technology Forum in Brussels where Gordon was presented with Imec’s Lifetime Innovation Award.

IMEC is an international renowned research institute that performs research in different fields of nanoelectronics. Imec is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.

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